Counselors & Territories

Every future Maryville College student has an Enrollment Counselor. In fact, you already have one (even though you might not know him or her, yet). This counselor is your connection to all things Maryville—majors, minors, campus visits, athletics, special events, meeting faculty, application questions, and more.

Find your Enrollment Counselor using the categories below. If you are currently attending or already out of high school, please look under “Other Categories“.



If you do not see your school below and are not already working with a counselor or who are not in one of the Other/Sports categories below, please submit our Inquiry form to be assigned to the correct counselor.

 Blount / Knox County High Schools Counselor
Alcoa High SchoolLucy Woodrow
Apostolic Christian AcademyAllison Spradley
Apostolic Christian SchoolAllison Spradley
Austin-East High SchoolYoshua Martinez
Bearden High SchoolYoshua Martinez
Berean Christian SchoolConnor Pylkas
Byington Solway Career and TechnicalYoshua Martinez
Career Magnet AcademyAllison Spradley
Carter High SchoolAllison Spradley
Central High SchoolAllison Spradley
Christian Academy of KnoxvilleConnor Pylkas
Christian Academy of Knoxville HomestudyConnor Pylkas
Christian Fellowship AcademyConnor Pylkas
Clayton Bradley AcademyLucy Woodrow
Concord Christian SchoolConnor Pylkas
Family Christian Academy of E TNConnor Pylkas
Farragut High SchoolYoshua Martinez
First Baptist AcademyConnor Pylkas
Fulton High SchoolAllison Spradley
Gateway CenterYoshua Martinez
Gibbs High SchoolAllison Spradley
Grace Christian AcademyConnor Pylkas
Halls High SchoolConnor Pylkas
Hardin Valley AcademyYoshua Martinez
Heritage High SchoolAllison Spradley
Karns High SchoolConnor Pylkas
Knox Adaptive Education CenterAllison Spradley
Knox County Adult High SchoolAllison Spradley
Knoxville Baptist ChristianConnor Pylkas
Knoxville Catholic High SchoolConnor Pylkas
Knoxville Christian SchoolConnor Pylkas
L&N STEM AcademyAllison Spradley
Laurel High SchoolAllison Spradley
Lincoln Park Technology and Trade CenterAllison Spradley
Maryville Christian SchoolConnor Pylkas
Maryville High SchoolLucy Woodrow
New Pathway AcademyAllison Spradley
North Knox Career and Technical Education CenterAllison Spradley
Oakmont SchoolAllison Spradley
Paidea Christian AcademyConnor Pylkas
Paul L Kelly Volunteer AcademyAllison Spradley
Peninsula Village SchoolAllison Spradley
Powell High SchoolConnor Pylkas
Richard Yoakley SchoolAllison Spradley
Ridgedale Alternative SchoolAllison Spradley
Riverbend SchoolAllison Spradley
Rivers Edge ChristianConnor Pylkas
South Doyle High SchoolAllison Spradley
Tennessee School for the DeafAllison Spradley
Webb School of KnoxvilleConnor Pylkas
West End AcademyAllison Spradley
West High SchoolAllison Spradley
William Blount High SchoolKelly Massenzo

InternationalWill Doran

Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary STEMArielle Kilday
Have been out of High School 3+ yearsLeah Alsobrooks
AuditLeah Alsobrooks
GEDLeah Alsobrooks
Dual EnrollmentArielle Kilday
Non-DegreeLeah Alsobrooks
Transfers (excluding Athletes)Leah Alsobrooks
Post-BaccalaureateLeah Alsobrooks
VeteransLeah Alsobrooks
Football recruitsKelly Massenzo
Baseball recruitsRyan Poole
Basketball recruitsConnor Pylkas
Cheer recruitsAllison Spradley
Cross Country recruitsYoshua Martinez
EquestrianAllison Spradley
Golf recruitsConnor Pylkas
Soccer recruitsConnor Pylkas
Softball recruitsAllison Spradley
Tennis recruitsAllison Spradley
Track recruitsYoshua Martinez
Volleyball recruitsConnor Pylkas