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Study everything so that you’re prepared for anything. Across our 60+ programs of study and core curriculum, professors emphasize critical thinking, 解决问题, and effective communication so that you’ll have the skills, 经历, and confidence for your first job, 下一份工作, and jobs that haven’t even been imagined yet.

学习项目 -我们提供超过 60 majors and pre-professional tracks,包括一项拨款资助 阻止程序, so you’re almost certain to find the program that aligns with your career goals.

职业准备 -与 玛丽维尔大学工程项目, career readiness is integrated seamlessly into your courses. You’ll graduate with practical experience, 引人注目的简历, and a solid understanding of how your 教育 experience connects with your future career.

本科研究 -你的两个学期, faculty-guided Senior Study project will focus on a topic of your choosing and can take various forms – from laboratory experiments to works of 艺术. It’ll help you stand out in job and graduate school interviews.

出国留学 – Join the scores of students who study abroad each year, or enroll in a faculty-led travel-study course that is focused on a p艺术icular issue. 在这里, we offer different ways to study abroad and make it affordable.


Great Smoky Mountains National Park -注册十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金, and your backyard is the most visited 国家 park in the United States, 提供美容, 娱乐, and an amazing diversity of plant and animal life. 布朗特县被称为 《十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金》.”

Maryville – You’ll notice right away Maryville’s breathtaking scenery and friendliness, and within walking distance of campus is a 市区 with restaurants, gift shops, and entertainment venues. 玛丽维尔(人口28人,000) often makes 国家 and regional lists for “Best Suburbs,“最好的养育家庭的地方。,和“最佳退休地点”.”

布朗特县 – Businesses and corporations view 布朗特县 (population 130,000) as a strategic location because of its proximity to major interstates and a regional airport and its p艺术icipation in the 诺克斯维尔-Oak Ridge Innovation Valley. Opportunities for internships and jobs are expanded by 书院的伙伴关系 与当地雇主.

诺克斯维尔 – Tennessee’s third-largest city is less than 20 miles away and can provide you with additional internship and job opportunities, 还有文化, 教育, 娱乐资源.



What’s just as important as learning about your world is discovering your place in it. 在这里, you’ll have every opportunity to find yourself and explore your own ideas and passions.

重要实践经历 -作为…的一部分 玛丽维尔大学工程项目, 你将完成实习, 服务的机会, or research project designed to introduce you to professional life in a field of your choosing.

多样性、公平和包容 -在十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金,你会 meet people from many backgrounds, beliefs, and 国家ities. You’ll be challenged to question assumptions and examine alternate viewpoints and in doing so, 你会更了解自己.

俱乐部及组织 – Whether the interest is academics, 信仰, 政治, 艺术, 音乐, 或文化, you’re sure to find your niche – and many new friends – in one (or two or three) of the College’s clubs and organizations and abundant opportunities to sharpen your leadership skills.

体育运动 & 校内的 – Are you a student-athlete who’s interested in a serious education? 我们的体育 date back to 1876 and are truly something to cheer about. Do you enjoy just playing for fun? 我们的各种俱乐部运动和 校园联盟 促进良性竞争.

信仰 & 学习 – We explore deeply by asking questions of 信仰与意义. 在这里, you have an opportunity to p艺术icipate in religious activities on campus and become more thoughtful in your own 信仰 tradition.

居住生活 – Sign up to live in one of our nine residence halls, some of which have a themed or living-learning community focused on subjects like wellness and community engagement. Enjoy a variety and quality of dishes made from locally-sourced food in our dining hall and café.

山的挑战 – As a student at 十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金, you’ll have access to one of the oldest outdoor programs in the country. 山的挑战 provides high quality, safe outdoor 经历 like hiking, paddling, climbing, and low ropes. 该项目还提倡健身. 绿色. 快乐.®, an initiative that aims to get people active and outside so that their outlook is better. 


意志坚强. 勇敢的心. Our goal is the same today as it was at our founding: produce graduates who are giving citizens and gifted leaders, who do good on the largest possible scale.

社区参与 -作为一所被认可的大学 Carnegie 社区参与 Classification, 十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金 has made an institutional commitment to outreach. Our numerous service opportunities will give you a unique connection to – and passion for – local, 国家, 以及全球社区.

非营利领导联盟十大靠谱彩票平台送彩金 is a member of the 非营利领导联盟 国家组织, giving you the opportunity to learn valuable management skills and earn a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential.

职业洞察力 – The College’s membership in the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVue)means that you will be p艺术 of conversations about what you may feel called to pursue, 专业和个人.